Friday, February 11, 2011

Kaiden's Birthday


Kaiden turned the big T-W-O a few weeks ago. Thank you to all who remembered his birthday, to those of you who called and sang, and to those who sent gifts/cards. He really felt the specialness of his special day!!

If there is one thing we Morgans know how to do, it is spoiling! Kaiden was spoiled by us and our families! So in that case, the Openshaws know about spoiling, too! :)

Kaided got to pick out a couple of things from Toys R Us and (shocking) he picked out a train set!

Grandma and Grandpa gave Kaiden a couple of "BIG-boy" ties. Nick was getting sick of Kaiden going to church every Sunday in the same tie. Thanks Mom and Dad for making Nick feel better! Also, Kaiden wore his ties for the first few days after getting was quite the site to see him in his pj's with a tie on!

The other toy Kaiden picked out was a marble racing set, or whatever you call it. All I know is that it is super cool and Kaiden has spent hours playing with what he calls, "Ball-ball, go".

Lastly, Kaiden has gifts that we had bought him. A grocery cart, which he loved playing with his cousins', so we got him his own, some books, a movie, that car-track carpet thingy which if you look closely you'll notice it underneath the "ball-ball go", and those crayola bath markers.

Grandpa Cliff bought Kaiden what is called a balance bike. It is super awesome, but unfortunately I have no pictures of Kaiden riding it. When it warms up around here, I will snap pictures of it because it is really COOL and Kaiden loves it!!

We did have a cake and sang happy birthday, but we got that on the video camera. If I get ambitious, maybe that will be uploaded!!

Monday, January 3, 2011


I am sorry that it has been forever since I last posted.
I had been pretty busy with school and everything else that found room on the plate.
The end tally of grades for last semester was...a 4.0! I earned A's in all five of my classes!
Nick continues to run both Choice Greens and they recently announced the opening of a smaller one in the mall that Nick is expected to help open.
We all know that Nick is indispensable to the company and so do his bosses!
Kaiden knows all of his letters and has known them for about 3 months now. He can point to whatever letter you ask and a few he can even say. The ones that he can't say, he does hand motions for.
Kaiden also knows his colors! I am so impressed with our smart boy!
Life here is great! We had a great Christmas and are ready for the new year!
Good luck to you and I hope to be better about posting, but I probably won't be! Let's face it!

Cutie Patootie!

Grandpa Cliff gave Kaiden the coolest art center. Kaiden spends lots of time drawing and coloring.

And then he crumples up the paper and says, "Gaga" (that means trash)

Uncle Sam

My brother, Samuel, has been living with us for the past month or so while he attends farrier school.
In the off hours, he lets Kaiden go for a ride...

I love that Sam taught him to hold his arm up like that!

But sometimes, Kaiden gets bucked off...

And has to be tickled!

However, he runs back to Uncle Sam with his hand in the air (this means, "I wanna ride again!)

And they're off!

Uncle Sam also plays with Kaiden and his car.

Sam can make the car go super fast!

They play soccer, especially since Uncle Sam is way better than Mommy!

It is a lot of fun having Sam here and I know Kaiden enjoys it!

There are no words...

Kaiden is absolutely the CUTEST thing ever...don't you agree?!?!


Last year, Grandpa Cliff had sent us this Create-Your-Own-Santa.
This year, I thought Kaiden was old enough to help me and we did a pretty good job!

I love this picture because he is admiring his own work...I'd say he's pretty proud of himself.

Classic goofy grin! I love this boy!

After spending a TON of time setting up the train table, and after Nick spent a TON of time wrapping the presents for me, this is what Christmas Eve looked like (or actually, more like 2 am Christmas morning!)

These most awesome stockings from Grandpa Cliff and Andrew...I'd say Santa found Kaiden alright!

Kaiden with his loot!
I think he was more in love with the chapstick, pez, and just couldn't compare to that!

We only managed to take pictures of a couple of gifts Kaiden received, not that we didn't intend to take more, but as you all know - WE ARE THE WORLD'S MOST FORGETFUL AT TAKING PICTURES!
This super cool laptop helps to teach Kaiden letters, animals, and even lets him check his email!

Okay, so this was absolutely the most adorable thing in the world. Kaiden wanted his car so badly, but Nick and I were so SICK of putting things together that we just put the body on the living room floor and Kaiden found the steering wheel and door. None of them truly attached, so he just held on to them and pretended to drive! At one point, he even had tilted one of the wheels against the body of the car. (We have since assembled it and he plays like crazy!)

And the after shot. Yes, I got to clean this all up, not to mention the Christmas meal. I get exhausted just looking at the mess in this picture!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Kaiden has recently discovered beanies, and boy does he love them! He has to wear one to bed almost every night, especially when he wears this particular pair of pj's.

But look how stinkin' cute he is. One day he wore this hat when we went to the grocery store and pretty much every person that walked by had to comment on how cute he is. Can you blame 'em?

"Hoooo hoooo" That's the sound Kaiden makes for train, while he's playing with a train, when he thinks about a train, when he lies in bed dreaming about trains...well, you get the picture. It is the number one thing we hear around here.

The other night Nick was showing me some train sets with a table and Kaiden got really excited. However, when we turned the TV off to put Kaiden to bed, he was so upset and he went to bed screaming "hooo hoooo".
Nick went to Target that night (without Kaiden or I knowing) and when Kaiden and I woke up in the morning, there was a train set laid out. Kaiden went NUTS! (Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of it yesterday)

When we were cleaning up in order to put Kaiden to bed last night, he screamed again, "Hoooo hoooo". Would you say someone is in love with trains?!? So these pictures are of this morning's train combination. *If you look closely you'll see he is even wearing his Thomas the Train pj bottoms.